Sky Background Download

Friends, in this article you have been told about sky change video editing. If you want to change the sky of your normal video, for that you will have to take the help of an application named vn App and also Birds video background or sky background with which the video can be changed. It will be made easily, you will get everything in this article, read till the end.

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Sky Background Download
Sky Background Download

How To Edit Video

To make a video, you have to install an application, then open your Google Play Store and search for vn App and the application will appear in front of you. You have to download your vn app.

Before editing a video, you should have a video. You have to record your own video. Whenever you record a video, there should be sky in front of you, only then the video will be made well.

First of all, you have to open the application and you will see a normal interface in front of you, open a new project by clicking on the plus icon and add the video you have recorded, after that you have to move the video and lastly. The black layer that appears has to be deleted.

After that, to add slow motion in the video, you have to touch on the video, you will see the option below, click on speed and some options will appear in front of you, Curve, Regular Reset. You can do slow motion in the video with any one of these options.

Then to do some color grading in the video, click on the video. You will see the filter option below. Touch it and you will see two options in front of you. Filter Adjust. You have to do color grading in the video by clicking on Adjust.

Sky Background Download
Sky Background Download


To change the sky of the video, you will see the gallery option on the side, click on it, go to the photo in the video and add the sky background and the size of the sky background has to be made full size on the screen as much as the sky is visible in your video. You have to do that much, after that you will see some options below. You have to go to the mask option and adjust the sky by double touching the first option that appears.

Then you have to click on the video, an option will appear above, click on Duplicate, the video will be duplicated, then you have to touch on the duplicate video, some options will appear below, you have to move the video forward by touching on Forward and that is the forwarded video. Click to full size Then you will click on this video and you will see the option below. By clicking on chroma, a circle will appear in front of you. You have to adjust the circle properly in the sky, where it is adjusted, after that you will see two lines below, you can adjust from there also. Are


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