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After recording the video, if your video looks dull then with the help of this trick you can add such color tone to your video, that too in just one click. I will tell you everything for that at the end of this article. You will have to read carefully only then you will understand everything.

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vn preset link 2023
vn preset link 2023

What is Vn App

“VN Video Editor” is a mobile app which is used for video editing. This application is available for Android and iOS platforms. VN Video Editor is generally used to edit short video clips and create creative videos. In this app you get tools to cut, trim, split, merge, and crop filters and video effects, stickers, music and sound effects and text overlays.

How To Use Vn Preset

First of all you have to save the preset in your mobile, you will find it below.

After that you have to open Vn App and after opening a new project, you have to add a video in which you want to do color grading.

After adding the video, you will see the filter option below, touch it and some filters will appear in front of you.

Do not use these filters, you will see the option of add filter next to it, click on it.

and your file manager will open

You will get search option on the above site, there you have to search cube.

And presets will appear in front of you, you have to click on the presets one by one.

And the preset has to be imported in a new folder, then you can apply the preset in the video and do color grading in the video in one click.

vn preset link 2023
vn preset link 2023


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